Efficient Storage Environment is Necessary for Smooth Business Operations

We are entering in new world in which data may be more important than software, therefore it’s necessary to improvise your data storage solutions.

Protect Your Data with Effective Backup Solutions

Sooner or later, your organization will definitely require more space for data storage. Information in the form of e-mails, presentations, databases, documents, graphics, audio files and spreadsheets is considered to be the lifeline of businesses and thus, applications that runs and safeguards your business needs lot of disk space. Therefore large amount of data is required to be stored within server along with advanced security and solutions for data backup.

In this concern, Reliant Vision offers storage services that are best suitable for your business needs and more than sufficient to store your crucial data. Our services also include real-time monitoring of your application’s performance over the storage servers, so that your business operation would not get affected in any context. Understanding your business as our own business, we offer highly scalable, efficient and comprehensive data storage and backup services that are designed specifically to offer extreme protection level to your business assets available in the form of data.

Storage Solutions for Reliant Vision Clients

SAN (Storage Area Network):

SAN is a local network of multiple devices that operates basically on disk blocks. SAN comprised of hosts, switches, storage devices and storage elements that are connected to each other with the help of variant technologies, protocols and topologies. It is a high-speed network that is popular for providing block-level network access to storage. It plays crucial role in context of business continuity management.

Adopting SAN solution within your business model with regards to data storage can leverage favorable benefits. Business operations are carried out efficiently with its implementation. Moreover, it enforces seamless scalability within unified storage infrastructure. Investment on data storage will directly become half of your prior spending and productivity will get boosted across entire business architecture.

NAS (Network Attached Storage):

NAS is basically a file storage device that offers local-area network (LAN) nodes along with file-based shared storage using standard Ethernet connection. NAS devices, which actually do not comprise of keyboard or display are configured and managed with utility program that is based upon browser. One of the major benefits associated with NAS is its ability to connecting multiple clients on the network having access to same file.

Benefits of NAS Implementation within Business:

  • Storage capacity gets increased in an affordable way.
  • It is efficient in storing and accessing business files from any PC or Mac computer by making use of your existing business network and thus ultimately  it eliminates need for multiple hard drives.
  • With context to ensure extra data protection, NAS offer option of central back-up.
  • NAS keeps on backup business data continuously at auto mode.

On a whole, it ensures higher peace of mind and enables you to do business without any tension as your data is completely safe and secure.