Amp up Your Hiring Game with EIPCS Smart Recruit

You are conducting a weekend walk-in and triple the number of expected candidates has arrived. After taking a deep breath, you jump in the sea of resumes. Post 9 hours, you finally emerge from the neck-deep numbers of interviews. Finally, all you have in your hands is just half-filled positions. And the mistake?

An open walk-in that increases unsolicited candidates with skillsets that are dispensable. Second is to not automate the recruitment with tools like Smart Recruit.

What is Smart Recruit?

With the world adopting automation at the speed of a jet plane. Then why not recruitment follow suit?

Smart Recruit can help you remain off the hook and relax while you plan your hiring policies, jump into the game of sorting CVs and interviews, and finally distributing the offer letters.

EPIC Smart Recruit can help you streamline the whole recruitment process from the start until the end. It cuts down your time with automated staffing processes and by boosting the productivity of your recruitment stakeholders.

What can Smart Recruit Handle for HRs?

Resume Management:
The tool helps you to collect CVs and resumes from multiple sources, upload in bulk, parse the documents, and accommodate them in all formats. Thus, the repository you get with Smart Recruit is powerful.

Applicant Tracking:
Sorting out the applicants for the right fit is tedious. Imagine going through every CV and pushing it ahead for an open position. It would kill days to figure the right candidates.

Smart Recruit helps you to select, track, and finalize the candidates along the recruitment funnel, just like 98% of the Fortune 500 companies do.
Career Site Management

Smart Recruit helps you to post jobs in your career portal and on the websites outside your organization. You can also customize the applications according to your JD. Broadcast your openings and enable referral program; social media sharing helps you leverage the power of the virtual community.

How can Smart Recruit Help HRs?


Epics Smart Recruit is a cloud-based software making it accessible from anytime anywhere. Since it envelopes a set of automated tasks, it improves productivity and time-to-hire.

Recruitment Automation

With features like candidate auto-response, email templates, notification, and alerts, your HR team can save many hours in communicating with the candidates. You can also replicate recruitment workflows and customize each open position at every stage of the hiring process. Such automated tools speed-up the time-to-hire process and enhance the talent quotient of any organization. With the additional benefits of saving costs, you can improve your hiring strategy like 94% of the organizations do.


Smart Recruit features some fantastic analytics and reports that facilitate drilling down to the smallest information. Reporting aids you make the right decisions, too.

Before Leaving If recruitment throws multiple challenges for you to manage, it is time to step back and review your processes. And for that, we suggest you check Smart Recruit. Contact us for a quick discussion to uplift your recruitment system.