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Project FAQ's
How do I initiate a project or obtain additional information?
The process starts by contacting us so that you can discuss your needs with a project coordinator. After this initial discussion, the coordinator will then assign a consultant (or team of consultants) to further define the scope. The assigned consultant will then follow up with you to get any additional technical details he/she may need in order to understand the project and estimate the effort required. Once we have a good understanding of the project and your needs, RCS will provide you with a formal proposal detailing estimated time and costs, project scope and a preliminary schedule. Once you have reviewed and accepted our proposal, we can begin work on your project.
Will you execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
Yes. Even though Reliant Vision always takes the utmost care to assure that your data and intellectual property are protected, we encourage the execution of a mutual non-disclosure agreement prior to any project initiation. We use an industry standard agreement (see linked Word® document, *.doc). You may use this agreement or your organization's legal department may provide one. Please keep in mind that if your company agreement substantially deviates from our standard agreement, it may take longer to execute and/or may be refused.
What is the fee for your service?
Depending on the project and/or task, Reliant Vision charges a consulting fee on an hourly, daily or per project basis. For smaller analysis projects done at our facilities, the cost is based on the actual hours spent on the project. The project proposal will include an estimate of the maximum hours for budgeting purposes. Reliant Vision will then bill only the time actually spent on the project.If a project requires a visit to your facility, Reliant Vision usually applies a daily fee. For any project requiring travel, Reliant Vision will also bill for the actual costs incurred for related travel expenses.In some long-term projects, Reliant Vision may utilize a fixed project fee.Please note the following:The exact fee will vary based on the expertise sought, the location of the consultant and other relevant factors. Our fee structure is in line with what you would expect to pay for similar professional services.Regardless of the project, Reliant Vision will provide you with a written proposal outlining the costs. Work on the project can be initiated after your acceptance of the proposal and the issuance of a purchase order. Smaller projects can also be charged to a credit card.
How quickly can I initiate a project?
This depends on the project and the expertise required. In general and for most standard requests, we can have a consultant assigned to your project immediately. Requests that require a specific consultant or a fairly specialized skill set may have to be aligned with the specific consultant’s schedule.
I just need someone to look over my work (or do a quick analysis for me). Do you provide that?
Absolutely. In most cases, we can do this on the same day. You can e-mail your data set and/or analysis and we can get back to you with an estimate of the time and cost required to accomplish the task. Smaller projects such as this can be charged to a credit card and will be delivered to you electronically as soon as they are completed.
What are the project deliverables?
In general, all projects include a complete and thorough report that describes our findings, analysis and recommendations. Depending on the project, other deliverables will be included as required. These deliverables will be defined in the project proposal or added in subsequent modifications to the scope as the project progresses.
Where are your consultants based?
Consultants are usually based out of our corporate headquarters in Iselin, New Jersey or one of our regional offices worldwide.
What if I don't have business degree? Would I be lost at Reliant Vision Group?
You will receive plenty of training and coaching, help and advice. Many new hires come to us from a non-traditional background. Reliant Vision bases its decision to hire a candidate on your curiosity, your willingness to develop, your appreciation of team work as well as more traditional criteria such as the amount of work and leadership experience you have, as well as scholarships or distinctions earned. Training is a continuous process at Reliant Vision. Entry-level training is available, as are targeted training sessions as you move along in your Reliant Vision career. RVG also makes an effort to share its collective knowledge through the Reliant Vision Knowledge Management (KM) system, which provides information about Reliant Vision people, topics, experience, know-how, and more. It is available to every consultant in every Reliant Vision office, although client names and other confidential information are protected. In the end, most of your colleagues will tell you that the most effective school at Reliant Vision is the daily work. Working with your team and with clients, you will experience an incredible learning curve. And Reliant Vision does not leave you alone in this endeavor: your peers will support you, your project leader will coach you, your career advisor will provide useful advice on how to overcome some of the obstacles we all face.
When and how will I be evaluated?
Evaluation at Reliant Vision is taken very seriously. One of the most important components of professional development is learning from previous experiences. There is a concerted effort to offer continuous informal feedback as well as more formal feedback at the end of each project. All individuals will be evaluated along a number of dimensions that are important to their development: analytics, presentation style, conceptual ability, interpersonal skills, motivation, initiative, organization, communication skills, team skills, and overall integrity.
How much travel can I expect?
If you don't like to travel, you probably should not consider consulting. This is a challenging job, and one of its challenging aspects is the travel. Nevertheless, we work hard to strike a balance between work/travel and personal life.
How much choice is there in assignments?
Individuals are able to steer their assignments in the directions that most interest them. The ability to have a say in staffing decision has, and will continue to be, an important part of Reliant Vision. This does not mean that everyone always ends up on their first-choice assignment, although we definitely try to make it happen.

Individual assignments depend on when a consultant is available, the specific skills required by the assignment, the relative balance between client demand and consultant “supply,” and the career development needs of the consultant. Over the long term, however, most consultants are able to shape their portfolio of experiences. We do recommend that consultants seek exposure to a broad variety of industries and functional areas during their first years before specializing in any specific area.
Career FAQ's
How do I apply for a job?
Please visit our Open Positions section for instructions on sending your resume to Reliant Vision. You can upload your resume online or paste it from any word processing program into the site's resume builder.
What is Reliant Vision's interview process?
Should there be a match with your qualifications and our employment needs, a recruiter will contact you directly. In most cases, a talent acquisition team member will conduct an initial telephone screen. This will be followed by a more in depth conversation with a member from the hiring team, concluding with an office interview with the Hiring Manager.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every applicant regarding the status of their resume due to the high volume of applications we receive.
Does Reliant Vision have an internship program?
Reliant Vision provides an internship program that allows students an opportunity to work on challenging projects that draw upon knowledge required for their academic training. We provide a hands-on training experience for students interested in pursuing degrees across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Interns receive project-focused assignments and challenging objectives consistent with their career goals. They will be supported at every step along the way by one-on-one coaching and guidance from a Reliant Vision mentor. Participation in the internship program requires a strong record of academic achievement and unrestricted authorization to work in the U.S.
What is Reliant Vision's corporate culture?
Reliant Vision's corporate culture is based upon providing innovative results for our clients. Our culture is articulated through our mission and values, and is carried out by our employees. For more information, visit our mission & values section.
What benefits does Reliant Vision offer?
Reliant Vision offers employees a comprehensive compensation benefits package and programs that sustain a positive quality of work life. This includes medical/dental insurance, annual leave, tuition reimbursement, and a 401(k) retirement savings plan. For more information, visit our Compensation & Benefits section.
Is there an opportunity for career advancement at Reliant Vision?
At Reliant Vision, career advancement is largely based upon each person's personal motivation, expertise, and performance. We provide you with opportunities, guidance and the tools needed to help you advance in your career.
Is tuition and training assistance available to Reliant Vision employees?
Reliant Vision provides tuition assistance and access to continuing education programs. Continuous learning and improvement is critical in today's ever-changing business environment. It is essential that each individual takes personal responsibility to continually strive toward their professional goals by acquiring new skills and accreditations.. For information about Reliant Vision's professional development and tuition assistance programs, visit our Training & Development section.
Does Reliant Vision offer a new hire orientation program?
Reliant Vision offers a comprehensive new hire orientation program to ensure that all new employees have the necessary tools and resources to hit the ground running. This program is designed to provide you with detailed information on Reliant Vision’s:
  • Mission and values
  • Business and operating model
  • Comprehensive compensation and benefits program
  • Financial management policy and procedures
  • Performance management policy, including our performance criteria and expectations